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PHP Beginner Tutorial
Learn the ropes of PHP in the beginner tutorial series. If you've never written a line of code before, this should get you started.

Writing Clean PHP Code
It looks so neat and tidy in the beginning ... and then it all turns into a huge mess until you dont even know what it is and what it does anymore.

Brief Intro to OOP in PHP
Get to know the basics of object oriented programming in PHP and a general idea of the concept.

The Factory Pattern in PHP
In this tutorial we take a look at the factory pattern and how to use it in a practical refactoring example.

How to Update a Git Fork from Master
Just because I can never remember this sh*t myself xD.

Application vs Domain Services
In Domain-Driven Design (DDD), an application service is a service that represents a use case or operation in the application. It is typically implemented ...

15 Reasons against Microservice Architecture
While microservices are often a great choice to scale multiple teams that may even specialize in different programming languages and/or problem domains, they can be a huge ...

Comparing HETZNER's entry level VPS Servers CPX11 vs CX21 vs CPX21 vs CAX21
todo, but lazy xD